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British Council Bangladesh
Active Citizen
Climate Change
Connecting Classrooms
Active Citizens
Locally Engaged and Globally Connected

What is the ‘Active Citizens?’

‘Active Citizens’ encourages young leaders to play a bigger role in their local communities. Participants gain various skills in cross - cultural communication and in effecting its role in community action.  It links community leaders with civil society and other networks in Bangladesh. Participants work together through Social Action Projects, international exchanges with other Active Citizens' communities in the South Asia Region  and global civil-society conferences.

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Our Global ‘Active Citizens’ Network.

‘Active Citizens’ promotes positive social change locally and globally by establishing an enduring international network of young leaders who learn from each other and act together.

By sharing ideas and experiences with different groups within and outside their communities’ participants contribute to intercultural dialogue and global citizenship. Participants include youth workers, women's groups, educators, community development professionals, voluntary sector representatives and faith leaders.

Policy Dialogue

Participants become global citizens who can communicate their ideas and beliefs effectively across cultural and other boundaries, including with UK and Bangladeshi policy makers. ‘Active Citizens’ gives our young leaders platforms and opportunities to interact with decision makers at local, regional and national levels.

How is ‘Active Citizens’ delivered in Bangladesh?

The project is implemented throughout the country in partnership with 5 organizations: The Hunger Project Bangladesh, Shushilon, Democracywatch, Centre for Communication & Development, and Human Development Organization.

Capacity Building

We develop a national network of facilitators, who are trained on a globally standardised curriculum developed by the British Council. Active Citizens  acquire skills in leadership, communication, citizenship, volunteering, Social Action Project delivery, fund raising, partnerships and network building. They return to their communities empowered to work with others in tackling the global challenges of the 21st century.

Social Action Projects

These local projects put theory into practice. Participants plan and implement projects to help their communities.  This takes place under the guidance of experienced community mentors.

International Networking

Active Citizens are globally connected with each other, encouraging intercultural networking and dialogue, building new friendships, developing international linkages and approaches to tackling shared problems and promoting global citizenship. Exchange visits between Bangladeshi and UK communities and international conferences allow participants to showcase best practice, share ideas on projects and establish sustainable international professional networks. More than 10,000 young people in Bangladesh have had the opportunity to take part in “Active Citizens” making them part of a global network covering 22 countries. Participating British Council regions include South Asia, East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Wider Europe.

By 2105 ‘Active Citizens Bangladesh’ will have continued to make positive local social change throughout the country, contributing to an enduring international network of young leaders who act together on grass-roots initiatives around the world.

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