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British Council Arts
 Prodigal Theatres Urban Playground Team / Photographer: Malcolm Gettigan
Contact for touring

Alister O’Loughlin
22 Stoke Abbott Court
Stoke Abbott Rd
Worthing BN11 1HJ

T +44 (0)7880 704380
E prodigal@nightingaletheatre.co.uk
W theurbanplayground.co.uk
W prodigaltheatre.co.uk

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Prodigal Theatre's Urban Playground Team
Parkour-dance fusion|Site-generic|Site-specific

Up to 7 on the road

Middle- to large-scale

Miranda Henderson

Alister O’Loughlin

Prodigal Theatre makes defiantly theatrical stagings of work that is epic within a small frame, ranging from intimate theatrical story-telling to the wordless drama of dance at speed and height on the Urban Playground (UPG). With co-creators of Parkour, the French company Gravity Style, Prodigal’s UPG Team is evolving a distinct performance language from this new urban discipline. Prodigal perform, teach and deliver residencies combining an eclectic blend of dance styles with free-running for audiences of thousands.

‘Dazzling… seven performers alternated between show-off virtuosity and the unexpected stateliness of dancers at a barre.’ The Irish Times (Micro-Choreographies)

‘Breathtaking high of physical expression… has an ebb and flow of rhythms and resonances that tell a myriad of stories.’ Total Theatre Magazine (Fusion)

‘Complicity with the audience from the first moment – one gesture, one look can transform us… masterful and majestic… magnificent.’ El Pais (The Tragedian Trilogy)

Fusion In partnership with co-creators of Parkour, Gravity Style – the UPG Team blend b-boying, contemporary dance and free-running to examine the relationship of the human body and the built environment. (15 mins, outdoors, day or night, 6 on the stage, 6 on the road.)

Quartet Four performers exchange their unique disciplines of movement and move towards the point of contact where style dissolves and flow begins. Parkour meets partner dance on the Urban Playground. (15 mins, outoors, day or night, 4 on the stage, 4 on the road.)

The Next Level With Gravity Style – the parkour and dance evolution played on a spider’s web scaffold.  A spectacular for audiences of up to 2000 to end the festival day. (30 mins, outdoors, night or day, premieres May 2010, 6 on the stage, 7 on the road.)

Prodigal Theatre accompanies all of its productions with teaching. For all of the UPG shows (Quartet, Fusion, The Next Level) they offer workshops on:
The fundamentals of Parkour (on our set or in standard school gym).
Advanced Parkour (on our set, in standard school gym or appropriate existing architecture).
Parkour for Performance (on our set. in standard school gym or appropriate existing architecture).
Beginner’s Open Workshops (on our set).
Supervised Free-Play Sessions (on our set).
They also deliver an award-winning ‘participant-performance’ project: Micro-Choreographies. These involve the company working with a group of students over the course of a day to create a site-specific choreography of no more than 5 minutes in length. Passer-by audiences who witness the creative process and work in development are invited to return, alongside a dedicated audience, at the advertised time for the ‘full performance’. The groups of participants must be over 12 years old but there are no further restrictions. The effect of the Micro-Choreographies is to dispel the myths of ownership – both of parkour as an art form and the city itself.
Prodigal also deliver long-term residencies combining performances, workshops, participant performances, and discussions.
Prodigal is in the process of creating accessible Parkour workshops with inclusive dance company 3D Dance.
The Next Level will involve a van-based set, allowing the company to travel to any car park, playground or schoolyard – any outdoor space – and set up the stage as for performance. Above all, Prodigal aim to use parkour and dance as a tool for social change.
To this end they often design specific workshops and residencies for clients and are happy to discuss any project proposals.
In July 2009 Prodigal’s Urban Playground Team opened to the public the UK’s first permanent site for the practice of Parkour. They are currently involved in the design of three more and are often asked to consult by local authorities wishing to implement provision for young people.
Prodigal’s Teachers are CRB checked, hold child protection certificates, are first aiders and have had equality training.
For more information please contact the company, or visit the company website.

2009 Australia (Quartet)
2009 Serbia (Micro-Choreographies)
2008 Botswana (Fusion)
2008 Spain (Fusion)
2008I reland (Micro-Choreographies)

All current productions listed are available for touring throughout 2010 and 2011.
The Next Level will be available from May 2010 – end of 2012

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