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 GOB SQUAD / Image: Gob Squad’s Kitchen (You’ve Never Had It So Good) / Photographer: Karen Fisher


Mixed-media|Devised theatre|Film

Up to 10 on the road

Small to large

Ayla Suveren
Eva Hartmann
Artists Collective
Sarah Thom
Simon Will
Sean Patten
Johanna Freiburg
Berit Stumpf
Bastian Trost

Gob Squad is a collective that has been working together since1994. Characterised by a desire to place the beautiful in the mundane, their performances often place home-made magic and spectacle next to the banality of everyday life. Quoting a dizzying range of cultural sources, their work playfully looks at the construction of contemporary identity with humour that entertains and provokes. Rather than passively consuming, Gob Squad audiences often take active roles that create special relationships with the artworks.

Enigmatic, almost hypnotic…the charismatic actors make the show’s well-worn themes seem as fresh as newly changed linen.  
The Sunday Times (Room Service)
Gob Squad engage us in masterful dance between the historical and the contemporary…thoroughly entertaining, full of irony and intelligence.
Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin (Gob Squad’s Kitchen)
Kitchen sets itself at an ironic, reflective distance from the pathos of the 60s yet at the same time is a very accurate reconstruction of Warhol’s Work.  A brilliant show, full of wit, life and humanity.
Der Standard, Vienna (Kitchen)

Saving The World
In a very wide screen film, as bold and ambitious as its title, Gob Squad take a city square and all the people passing through it as a microcosm for the entire world.  
90 minutes, no interval, 4 performers, 10 on the road
Gob Squad's Kitchen (You've Never Had It So Good)
A new live film with bad coffee, nervous breakdowns, wild parties and modern hairstyles. It’s 1965 and everything is just about to happen. Pop, subculture, superstars, feminism, drugs, bright lights, and sex are about to rock the world like never before.  
100 mins approx, no interval, 4 on stage, 7 on the road
Room Service (Help Me Make It Through The Night)
Two men, two women, one hotel. Each of them is alone with only a video camera and a phone to keep them company. The audience watch them spend a sleepless night via live video.
300 mins approx., 4 on stage, 8 on the road
Super Night Shot
Mission: War on Anonymity. Choice of weapon: video camera. Combat zone: city streets. One video tape, no cuts, no edits. Result: a breathtaking Hollywood kiss with a stranger.
60 mins, no interval, 4 on stage, 5 on the road
King Kong Club
With a gorilla costume and a voice changer, Gob Squad gives you the opportunity to become totally anonymous. Participants are invited to step into the arena – a place of alternate realities.
120 mins, 1 interval, 5 on stage, 8 on the road

Gob Squad run workshops (3–10 days for 6–15 people) for participants from performance, live art, new media, video and visual arts backgrounds. Workshops have taken place in the UK, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Croatia, Brazil and Iceland. The workshops focus on making collaborative site based work culminating in presentations. Using a hands-on approach Gob Squad demystify their working process and share their experiences with the participants, encouraging them to play with the tools and vocabulary that the company uses to produce work. Participants are encouraged to think intuitively, initially favouring visual and sensual responses before interpretation and analysis. Workshops address themes such as: what it means to be present in your work, choosing a site, setting time and space constraints, sharing skills, methods of research, interaction with the public within site-based work, the use of text (both spoken and written) and the use of video and sound as tools in the devising and making process.
Illustrated Lectures
Recent lectures have focused on research methodologies, site related work, urban intervention, working collaboratively and interactive performance. As with their performances and installations, Gob Squad place high value on the aesthetic elements of their lectures using film and photographic documentation from past and present work throughout.

Germany: Saving The World
2008 Czech Republic, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Austria: Gob Squad’s Kitchen
2008 Slovenia, Siberia: Super Night Shot
2007 France, United States, Norway, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Canada: Super Night Shot
2006 Brazil, Latvia, Portugal, Ireland, Estonia: Super Night Shot

Please contact the company for full details