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Connections through Culture: India – UK

Connections through Culture - 2011 onwards

Following two years of Connections through Culture (CtC): India - UK, British Council is responding to evaluation and will make changes to the programme to better fit our cultural relations aims. We hope it will make the programme lighter touch.

CtC: India - UK is the British Council’s programme to support collaborative working between the UK and India in the arts. It’s focused on the arts industry itself, helping develop relationships between producers, festivals, arts organisations and companies with the principle aim to build strong sustainable relationships, and create a vibrant exchange of cultural product.

Creative Networking Grant

There are between 20 to 30 Creative Networking grants to enable producers and organisations to make exploratory visits to the partner country to build relationships and develop plans for collaborative projects and work. This will be a small grant of £800 to contribute towards costs.

The current round of grants will be the final round awarded under this three year programme. The closing date is Friday 27 January 2012.

Click here for details of the application process

Planned networking programmes

Over the last two years, we have provided resources of on-ground support, management, contacts, financial investment and/or leadership to enable exciting, curated networking programmes to take place, across art forms including dance, theatre, crafts, museums, visual art and music. We will continue to work with partners in both the UK and India to develo

p study tours, organised visits to festivals and other planned opportunities for creative networking. We are also keen to talk to organisations in the arts sector in both countries who share our interests.

Development & Showcasing of Collaborative Work

In the last two years, we have offered grants of up to £5,000 for the development and showcasing of collaborative work. Instead of supporting this development through a grant application process, we will continue to support a small number of development and showcasing projects through bespoke arrangements.

Why have we made these changes?

Throughout the programme, we received a substantial number of applications – far more than we could ever had hoped for, which showed the high level of interest of UK and Indian practitioners have in working together. However, we were only able to support 20% of applications and realistically that meant inviting many applications, only to turn people away. We feel we can support the development of exciting projects that meet our aims as a cultural relations agency without the grant scheme, and respond better to creating valuable relationships between the UK and India.

How can you work with British Council on future projects?

Please continue to contact and discuss your proposals for collaborative projects with the British Council Arts team in your country. You will find the UK contacts on our arts pages or you can contact preeti.gaonkar@in.britishcouncil.org in India.

We can discuss your plans, and explore the possible fit of your proposal within the British Council’s programme aims. If the proposal is of interest and closely aligned with our aims, we will then hold further discussions about your plans and budgets, and discuss how we might be able to support.

We have a limited amount of support and resources we can offer and as with all the projects that British Council supports, we only support projects that fit with our aims as a cultural relations agency; are high quality; have relevance to the region we’re working in; have potential impact and outcomes; and embrace the spirit of mutual respect.

Please note that for projects where we offer some financial support, it is usually as a contribution to overall costs. We always seek to work in partnership and rarely support anything in its entirety.

Much of the support we can offer is in providing contacts, helping arts organisations identify the most appropriate project partners, helping with information about practicalities and on the ground support.

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