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British Council Arts
Image: SUPA rings 1999. Artist: Sarah Staton.
Drawings, Prints, Multiples
British Council Collection of Art
Touring exhibition of 62 multiples by 46 artists.
Image 1: One wheel on my monochromobile (red and green versions). Artist: David Batchelor. Image 2: Sanctuary 2001. Artist:Dan Hays.

Multiplication is a touring exhibition of 62 multiples by 46 artists. The term ‘multiple’ was first used in the 1960s to describe an artwork that was neither a print nor an editioned cast sculpture but was still intended to be produced in a large number of copies. The works in Multiplication are united only by their lack of uniqueness: their number, medium, subject and value vary, to show us a range of the most fresh and exciting artists’ multiples in Britain today.

Many are commissioned works produced by third parties, whilst others are by artists who work solely with the concept of the multiple. In either case the challenge to the artist is in finding ways of realising an idea that can be repeated time and again.

Part of the creative challenge comes in researching new methods and sourcing new materials, leading to some unlikely collaborations between artist and fabricators. For example Dan Hays’ lenticular was sourced in Japan and uses some 20 plus lenses to create an illusionistic animal cage. Langlands and Bell have employed the latest Russian laser cutting techniques to create the conundrum of an etched map of airline routes of the world, diamond etched inside a crystal cube.

The works are displayed in plywood cases that slot together in a system designed especially for Multiplication by the artist Sarah Staton. Each work is identifiable by its catalogue number clearly stencilled throughout the exhibition display system. A selection of items from Staton’s celebrated Supastore collection, ranging from her own enlarged sequin to a hand-cut paper scalpel by Simon Periton, have been incorporated in an additional  'Wunderkammer'.

The exhibition has been selected with the help of Jacqueline Jefferies from Camden Arts Centre, Sarah Staton and Sally Townsend of The Multiple Store. All the works in the exhibition have been drawn from the British Council Collection, and many were acquired specifically for this exhibition.

A specially commissioned artist’s multiple by Sarah Staton, in the form of a canvas book bag is available for sale with the exhibition.

A2 Graphic’s design for the accompanying catalogue reflects the concept of the show by steadily increasing the weight of the paper used throughout the 80 pages of the publication  An introductory text by Dr.Stephen Bury, Head of Modern English at The British Library and author of Artists’ Multiples 1935-2000 is included along with 41 tipped-in colour plates and a fold-out drawing by Sarah Staton.

Artists included are:

Edward Allington, Fiona Banner, David Batchelor, Jonathan Callan, Hussein Chalayan, David Cheeseman, Dalziel & Scullion, Mark Dickenson, Tracy Emin, Rose Finn-Kelcey, John Frankland, Anya Gallaccio, Pamela Golden, Graham Gussin, Dan Hays, Tim Head, Damien Hirst, Nicky Hirst, Paul Hodgson, Tania Kovats, Abigail Lane, Langlands & Bell, Graham Little, Peter Liversidge, Mike Nelson, Mariele Neudecker, Dermot O'Brien, Julian Opie, Cornelia Parker, Bob and Roberta Smith, Sarah Staton, Gavin Turk, Mark Wallinger, Boyd Webb, Richard Wentworth, Richard Wilson, Paul Winstanley, Elizabeth Wright, Catherine Yass, SupaStore

The exhibition was launched in November 2001 at the National Museum of Art in Bucharest, Romania and toured to Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic during 2002. As the exhibition travels from one country to the next, the Multiplication website: http:// www.multiplication.co.uk is updated to include installation views at each venue and further details of the exhibition. More recent venues include:

Municipal Arts Centre, Nicosia September 2003

Mestna Gallery Ljubljana 12 May to 1 June 2003
Contemporary Arts Gallery, Celje 18 April to 8 May 2003
KIBLA Centre Maribor 28 March to 15 April 2003

Tallinn Town Hall 10 January – 16 February 2003

Husova Street Gallery, Czech Museum of Fine Art, Prague 16 October – 1 December 2002

Podgorica August – 17 September 2002
Art Pavillion, Belgrade 9 July – 10 August 2002

Awagarda Gallery, Wroclaw 10 May – 15 June 2002

Muzej suvremene umjetnosti 4 - 28 April 2002
Galerija umjetnina Narodnog muzeja, Zadar 18 - 31 March 2002
Galerija umjetnina, Split 28 February - 13 March
Palača Sponza, Dubrovnik 2 - 20 February 2002

Further venues planned for Slovakia, Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia in 2004, before the exhibition tours South America and Canada in 2004 onwards.

For further information please contact Louise Wright.

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