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British High Commission in Ghana
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E-mail infoghana@gh.britishcouncil.org
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Kumasi, Ghana
Office hours
Monday to Thursday 0800 to 1600
Friday 0800 to 1500
Saturday, Sunday & public holidays Closed
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Kumasi, Ghana

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Change of Office Hours
This is to inform you that the British Council Ghana has changed its operation hours for Fridays. The British Council Ghana office will now close at 1500hrs on Fridays.
Closing hours for all other days remain unchanged.

British Council is the UK’s organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations.

We are an independent and non-political organisation, with a global mission to connect people world-wide with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK.

We build mutually beneficial relationships between people in the UK and Ghana – we believe in the potential of individuals and in the benefits of internationalism. Through our work, we try to create experiences for our customers, partners and clients that are welcoming, trustworthy, innovative and contemporary.

Ghana is part of our global network which consists of 110 countries worldwide.

British Council has operated in Ghana since 1943. We provide 1st class opportunities in professional development and intercultural dialogue for young people and emerging leaders in Ghana.

Our main office in Ghana is located in Accra; with Kumasi (capital city of Ashanti region) equipped with another office and resource centre.


With a current population of 25,241,998 (July 2012 estimate); of which 40% are under 15years and 60% between 16-64years, Ghana has made significant progress in growth, economic management and in increasing poverty- related expenditure.

Priorities are economic growth, improving public finances, public service reform and more accountable, efficient basic services.

Economic State of the country

The country’s current GDP remains at 8.8% but it is estimated to reach 7.4% in March 2013. This value is adjusted to cover the whole year, and also targets annual production of some economic entities. These figures clearly indicate to the potential business investor, there are vast business opportunities in Ghana.

With this in mind, the strategic focus of our work in Ghana is on creating and enhancing learning opportunities for our target groups and building access and understanding between Africa and the global community.

Our Impact

In creating access and opportunity, the added value British Council brings is strength in building networks on interest and supporting communities of practice, specifically in English as a tool for international access, educational opportunity and conflict resolution; an ability to create relevant, life-long learning experiences through an integrated knowledge and learning approach.

We have a network of local and international contacts in civil society, education, the arts, corporate Ghana, international business gurus and emerging leaders in varying fields.

People who benefit from our programmes continue to increase and we can be sure it is as a result of great commitment attached to our work at British Council.

From 1 April 2012, British Council ceased to be the administrator of the Chevening Scholarships programme and will no longer deal with Chevening enquiries. For more information on applying for a Chevening Scholarship please go to the Chevening Scholarships page.
Examination / Administration Services
We are an approved centre for British professional and academic examinations. We register and invigilate CIPS, University of Cambridge International Examination and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), the test needed for entrance to many British and foreign universities. Find out more here.


Education and Society

Connecting Classrooms: This is our three-way partnership programme meant to promote intercultural dialogue between schools in Sub-Saharan Africa and the UK.

International Higher Education (IHE):Our IHE nurtures capacity and leadership at the country’s universities and tertiary institutions to enable well-informed, vigorous social deliberation. We work with the country’s education ministry, government and other relevant stakeholders in the industry to achieve this.
The Challenge: An exciting reality TV series designed to give bright, ambitious Ghanaian students with a first degree the opportunity to win postgraduate scholarships at leading universities in the United Kingdom.
BC SIEM: British Council Services for International Education Marketing (BC SIEM) is a global programme designed to support UK Educational institutions diverse international marketing needs through the provision of bespoke and standard services. Under BC SIEM, we have the EDU-UK school exhibition run every February in Ghana.
Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme: the scheme managed by British Council, aims to build capacity in areas where Tullow’s host countries experience significant skills gaps, especially, but not exclusively around these countries’ oil and gas industries. British Council’s tremendous experience in running similar programmes complement Tullow’s aim of supporting long-term socio-economic development in countries where it operates. For more information, visit about Tullow Scholarship.
Professional Development: Our professional development training programme aims to create opportunities in training, networking and access to information for young managers and business leaders in Ghana.
Blazing Trails: This is a new training programme born in partnership with Barclays Bank Ghana Limited. The programme aims to create a successful core group of achievers by offering them alternative learning methods such as peer tutoring, while providing a practical linkage between learners in Ghana and the rest of the world; particularly in the UK.
Creative Enterprise: Creative Lives is focussed on the knowledge economy and contributing to intercultural understanding. It provides a platform for new creative talent to debate issues around social exclusion and freedom of expression.
Executive suites: These suites are fully air-conditioned and very comfortable. They are ideal for private corporate activities as well as lectures, seminars and workshops.
Auditorium: With a maximum seating capacity of 270, the octagon shaped auditorium can be easily adapted to host lectures, seminars, theatre, music and dance events.  It is centrally air-conditioned and has its own stage lights and public address system and screens.
Seminar Room: Our seminar room is fully air-conditioned and is designed for smaller meetings of up to 50 persons if seated in a theatre style format.
Conference Room: With a seating capacity of 30 maximum, air conditioning and sound proofing, our conference room is ideal for meetings, presentations, roundtable discussions etc.
Restaurant: our in-house restaurant is the place to be at lunch time. Professionals meet here for networking and to enjoy the local and continental buffet.
Equal opportunities and diversity
View our Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy.

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